As a premiere Home Remodeling Company, one of the perks in hiring Pangione Developers Inc is the fact that we have our own In house architect. Providing you with architectural drawings in the most efficient amount of time, we have even simplified this process for all of our customers.

Our home remodeling packages include all architectural drawings. For this process, our architect will arrive at your home within 2 days after the contract signing. Once your home is measured, you will then have your 1st draft of plans for your review within 1 week delivered to your home or via email. It’s that simple. If needed we will make any revisions and resubmit to you for a second approval.

But wait, we are not done. One of the biggest hidden expenses come from Architect fees charged to you if any changes are necessary throughout the building process. If the architect has to show up to inspect or review any changes, normally you will be charged per hour of their time. This is most certainly the case when home owners hire an outside architect.  Pangione Developers Inc. has eliminated ALL additional architectural fees which are part of our ALL INCLUSIVE packages.

Another advantage with hiring Pangione Developers Inc and having their own architect is if for some unforseen reason the architect needs to come onsite to verify any necessary changes, our architect will arrive immediately. What does that mean to you? That means no down time and when your home is in the process of an add a level addition and the roof is completely removed or the interior is exposed, the last thing you want is to be held up waiting for an architect to show up, which in many cases can be for days.

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