It’s a fact that your home is the biggest investment you will make. The next biggest investment is your home remodeling project. Expanding your home is a big investment for most families and Pangione Developers Inc offers the most affordable packages so family’s can realize their home expansion dreams.

Specializing in Home Additions, Add a Levels and COMPLETE Home Remodeling, Pangione Developers offers full service home addition packages for less.

Finding that many family’s interested in expanding have contemplated simply moving and purchasing a larger home. In many cases, homeowners find that the value of their current home wouldn’t bring enough to purchase a larger home. That is where the thought of home expansion takes root.

Pangione Developers Inc. offers family’s full service building and site management on all of our popular remodeling packages. Are you interested in building a single or multi level addition?

Contact Pangione Developers Inc for a Free Consultation. You will receive your proposal within 24 hours after our representative arrives to measure your home.