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Pangione Developers Inc, a Bergen County Contractor servicing all of the Northern New Jersey area specifically was set up to specialize in a unique area of the home remodeling market. Pangione Developers Inc is New Jersey’s most widely used #1 choice for homeowners that are interested in Home Additions, Add a Levels and Complete Home Remodeling Packages.

Why hire Pangione Developers Inc. The two best reasons are that we get the job done quickly and we offer the most affordable remodeling packages around. But there is more to this story. Pangione Developers Inc offers  the Best Quality remodeling packages and if you decide to use us, we have plenty of references for you to call. If you want to build a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom Add a Level, we have plenty of customers for you to call. If you want a complete home remodeling package with a rear multi level addition along with a new 2nd story add a level then we have customers that you can call and ask them about our great performance..

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On top of our great remodeling packages, Pangione Developers Inc will provide complete architectural plans, file all building permits with your local building department, and provide to our customers in writing an estimated start date as well as an estimated finish date for your project for your piece of mind. If you are worried about garbage removal well Pangione takes care of that also. Also included in our remodeling packages are engineered height surveys and lead inspection reports….Bet you never thought you needed these items.

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Find out why we are New Jersey’s #1 Add a Level and Home Addition Contractor