Should You Remodel or Move?

Should You Remodel Or Move

                                        By Pangione Developers Inc

Do you have a family that is growing and you need to increase your living space? A lot of times homeowners assume that they have to move in order to meet the demands for more square footage. The amount of time that is required to pack up all your belongings is overwhelming. Don’t forget all the time required to find a home that you like is a whole other story. Have you considered expanding your home? Yes there are some choices to be considered such as an add a level or home addition. What about finishing the basement? Here we will discuss a few of your options and provide some insight into why expanding your home may be the better option.

Remodeling your home over purchasing a new home eliminates having to search for a home which as we know can be extremely frustrating. Any homeowner knows what I am talking about. You hire a broker to escort you in and out of 20 homes on a Sunday morning, remember those days. Remember, this whole process is for the purpose of adding square footage. Have you considered adding a new room as an option? You have to nail down the reason why you need more space and go from there. Some people need a kitchen or family sitting area. Others may be lacking bedroom space or storage. If you can ask yourself what I am looking for most then you can set up a plan of action with your existing home and get your remodeling project in gear. At that point you will need the assistance of a remodeling company.

Over the years I have come across many families that were looking to move into a larger home. When we would pull up to their house for a consultation, there were even for sale signs on the yard. I found that the homeowners would back out because they found that they couldn’t afford moving into a home that had the necessities that they were looking for such as more bedrooms and or a family room. Another reason that deterred them from moving was that they enjoyed the street they lived on and were already comfortable with their neighbors. There were other reasons but primarily, the ones mentioned above were always the top few mentioned. At that point of recognition, they would need to reach out to a remodeling contractor such as Pangione Developers Inc.

Choosing the right remodeling contractor for your home is very important. Like I said earlier, you need to answer the question as to what type of additional space you need. When homeowners contact us, they have already completed their homework and know that Pangione Developers Inc specializes in Home Addition, Add a Levels and Complete Home Remodeling Projects. If you are interested in an Add a Level, you want to make sure you call a contractor that specializes on that type of remodeling work. This can help you save in additional costs and unexpected expenses from a contractor that is less familiar with the building process.

When remodeling your home, you will have options. With the budget that you established, discuss what can be done to your home to meet your needs. You can spread your budget around so that you upgrade many areas of the house. A lot of our customers that have complete home remodeling contracts with us will add an addition such as a family room along with a new top floor. Since their budget allows it, they will also install new siding, HVAC and remodel their existing kitchen and bath. When the work is completed, it has the feel as if the home is as close to new without having to move. Find a reputable contractor to help you with your plan and maybe staying put will be an option for you and your family.

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